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Thoughts and Other Mind Wandering...
Movie reviews, my opinions, and other commentary on the world around me.
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3rd-Dec-2012 12:26 pm - To New Heights!

Hey there, you Monday grumps!

I know everyone's cranky about Monday mornings. I mean, why wouldn't you be? The weekend, a time of revelry and slumber and fun, has ended and a whole new week of work and unhappiness lies ahead. It blows. But, how about we think of it as more of a whole new week of possibility and opportunity! Just think about it; anything can start happening this week and there's a weeksworth of days to have things happening. Yeah! Shit's gonna happen... TO YOU!

In other news, today is the start of a wonderful new plan I have made for myself! Yes, I know; I always have new schemes for weight loss and for changing myself, but this time I think I've got it! Ready? So here's my new plan: point system economy and survey. I spent my Saturday evening feeling crappy and fat, right? I looked at my calendar and saw the old markings from my most recent Power90 attempt and winced as they disappeared as the months had passed. So I decided I needed to do something different to get myself more motivated to lose the weight. I thought about it for awhile, mulling over things that I had already tried, until suddenly I remembered some of the stuff I learned in psychology last year when we were in the "Treatment" unit. A point systems economy is when you place value on the desirable behaviors and create a system in which the subject can earn points for displaying those behaviors, if I remember correctly. Kind of like gold stars from elementary school. So what if we applied a similar concept to weight loss? Only we didn't just apply the reward for healthy habits, but took it a step further. we translate foods into points and allot a certain amount to the subject to use up throughout the day, abiding by the pre-existing rules of healthy eating such as the food pyramid. Now, you may be saying, "But, Rhianna, isn't that kind of what Weight Watchers does?" I guess, yes, you could say that; however, I am not a fan of how their system because you have to remember the different points placed on each type of food and then record everything while you eat it. That's a lot of time and work you're devoting to watching your weight. So I decided to make calorie cards! They are these cut up index cards made to fit into my wallet that signify various amounts of calories (500, 100, 20, 10, and 1 calorie cards). Each time I eat something, I "pay" for the calorie count attached to the food item with the cards. So I used this site to calculate how many calories I should be consuming per day. This serves as my "allowance" for each day, so I can count out that amount in calorie cards at the start of the day. No roll-over calories either, as I restart my allowance every morning. I'm supposed to spend my calorie cards wisely and follow the guidelines of the food pyramid with regard to servings of each food group as well as the serving size scales (like a serving of meat should be a deck of cards). I've deemed my sister, Quinn, as the "calorie card collector." She's supposed to hold me accountable for the calories I consume and take the cards. I haven't decided what to use as a reward for my healthy eating habits yet, but I know it definitely will not be a food reward because I've read everywhere that's a bad idea (quite obviously actually). I have also colored the calorie cards and decorated them with the cutie marks of each of the ponies (yes, as in My Little Pony), excluding Twilight Sparkle, to make me want to use them more. In addition to this brilliant plan, I am also surveying myself on my exercise and dietary habits. I printed out one for each day this week, and will print more next week and repeat each week. They ask for my weight and the times of cardio and strength (and the type of cardio/strength), and ask how I feel after the end of the day. I also put a note at the bottom to use as a mantra, as I will read it every time I complete a survey, that tells me that I'm doing great and that I get more and more beautiful as I continue to use my cards and work out. It sounds cheesy, but I've read that mantras are helpful to boost your self-esteem and keep you engaged in your goals so I'm willing to try what I can. And the surveys, if you're wondering, are both a way to record my progress for later comparison as well as a way for me to see what areas I should improve if necessary. I do feel like this is a much more organized system and I am much more confident in how this will result. It will be difficult with the holidays coming, Christmas cookies and what have you, but I think this will be a great challenge for me to undertake.

While we're on the subject of self-improvement, I'd like to mention that amidst my scheming on Saturday, I cleaned my room and put up stuff on my walls. I got a Tangled poster from my friend Alyssa for my birthday, so I taped that up on the wall (after much struggling with the curling corners) next to my Fallout and James Dean posters. I moved the mural of inspirational beauties to the wall above my bureau to make room for my bulletin board beside the door, too. The bulletin boar really helps make me feel much more organized because it hangs my calendar beside my caloric allowance card and lets me hang up important things in a visible place. It's like a friendly reminder to myself about the things going on in my life. Kinda nice.

I happened to spend the rest of last week talking to my guy friend on Skype (the one from my last entry) and on WoW. He's surpassed me even more now, with his paladin at level 60 and my measely warrior at only 37. It's been fun, though. He always has something to say and is entertaining to say the least. The upcoming week is apparently going to be the time when he will make the rush to 90 and cap since he doesn't have class except for a final or two. I, on the other hand, have this week filled with in-class reviews and last week wrap-ups and then finals next Monday and Thursday. And, let me tell you, I am so ready to be done with this semester! I seriously cannot wait.

Anyways.... That pretty much wraps up everything I really wanted to share with you guys this Monday. I'll see you around, I guess.


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29th-Nov-2012 12:29 pm - College Life, man

Hey there,

It's a regular old Thursday and I'm on campus whilst sick. Yes, I have caught something from the train of fall weather illnesses that cause doom and gloom to everything they touch. I'm pretty sure I have a fever, as I keep bouncing between temperatures from freezing to blazing and I'm quite dizzy, in addition to an annoying cough and acidic stomach (it feels like a shaken up can of Coke waiting to erupt). It's very unpleasant. Nevertheless, I must charge through the school day like any other. I have a paper I should really be writing for English and an algebra problem involving graphing that, again, I ought to be completing; however, true to form, I have decided to let those things wait until a break of relatively clear-headedness arrives. Though sickness does suck, I have determined to use the time wisely and search for jobs so that I may have a car available to drive once more.

In other news, I have spent the past week or so talking to a friend and playing some good ol' World of Warcraft. It's been a lot of fun, actually. This is a friend who, not only plays games that I do, but also watches a billion shows like I do, listens to similar music to that which I do, and writes and is into English as I am. So he told me to make a new character on his server -- which I did, dutifully, as a good friend -- so that we could level together as he explored what it's like to be my personal favorite class: paladin. He's been assimilated into paladinhood and loves it. This pleases me greatly. He's only tanked for me once, though, because he has surpassed me in levels quicker than I had expected. Frustrating though it is, I have (slowly) gotten over that and will attempt to catch up my measly warrior 10-20 levels. It'll be entertaining once we get to queue up as a team again. The only part that feels awkward is the fact that, as this friend is the best friend to my recent ex, I was invited into the guild of the dynamic duo (my friend and my ex). It's not so much the fact that I don't like talking to my ex's (I don't really do it often at all), but it's the fact that usually I feel guilty when I have to interact with people who I've probably hurt (as I am typically the dumper as opposed to dumpee). I feel like I'm saying, "Hey, yeah, so I know I broke your heart and was the reason you broke up with your girlfriend to be with me originally while I just tossed you aside, but could you send me some mats? Thanks. No, I don't want to get back together." It feels criminal. It also feels manipulative because what if he still has feelings for me? I don't want him back, and that ain't changing. So wouldn't it be wrong of me to abuse his feelings and spend time gaming WITH him? I guess I'm just overthinking it, but I wonder, dude. I also wonder if it's wrong of me to be spending so much time with his best friend online. He's always been a good friend to me, but what if that's wrong? I mean I spend like 2-4 hours per day talking to this friend. Is that abnormal for a friendship? He treats me lime one of the guys the whole time, but I don't know. People confuse me. Especially when Alyssa puts ideas into my head. I can ignore her, sure, but then her ideas roll around in ny head and snowball and then I worry about everything. Is Alyssa the reason for my high neuroticism? Or am I just deluded by my insane mind?

I know this is really, really off topic, but I have a huge craving for Chinese food from First Choice. They make delicious General Tso's chicken. And they have decent dumplings. I think I like fried foods too much, but I eat them for the sauces that come with them. The dumpling sauce tastes perfectly sweet with a twang of vineager-y saltiness. It's so good. And the General Tso's is smothered in this orange-brown sauce that is gooey, sweet, and spicy. Right now my mouth is seriously watering just thinking about those tastes. Oh! And there should be some white rice to go with these fabulous flavors. God, I sound so fat. I blame Stewart for this. He mentioned this dumpling house back in LA near his house (he's currently embeacing his Canadian identity in Vancouver for the fall semester) the other night. I have been craving Chinese off and on ever since. Though, I think it's easy to make me crave Chinese food. I really do love it.

Anyways, I think I should end it here because I have speech class in roughly 15 minutes. I'll see you bros around.


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24th-Jun-2012 11:25 pm - Being Obnoxious (Among Other Things)

Hello, hello, hello.

So I'm not really sure what I want to talk about today. I kind of just felt like typing and seeing what came out. You know those days when you just talk to talk and see what comes out of it, if anything does. I guess that's how I feel.

Anyway, I just got home from my dad's apartment (by the way, I am now a licensed driver :P) and on the way home I had the strangest feeling: I had an urge to be an obnoxious teenager. I had my windows down and my radio on reasonably loud, but not too loud. Then I made the turn into my development and suddenly I had the urge to turn my volume as far up as possible and wake all of the neighbors up. Typically I am not the type of girl to do this. I'm the [semi-]quiet girl who hides from her neighbors to give them as much space as possible. I'm the girl who stays inside to avoid making idle chit-chat with those doctors/lawyers/business executives. I don't know what got into me, but I definitely wanted to annoy as many people as I could and to make my presence known throughout the entire world. I wanted to say "FUCK YOU ALL" just because I could. Not that I necessarily feel that way, but because sometimes it feels good to just unleash some rage on the world for fun. I'm guessing this isn't exactly the model for a healthy, sane woman, but it's something I felt needed to be shared with you, internets. Since this occurred, though, I have been considering what it means to have this happening. I think it could be symptomatic of something like anger at something. But what could it be?

There is the possibility that this is a side-effect of the pent-up anger I have at a certain person who raged at me earlier today. See, when people text me, "By the way, I'm pissed at you," it kind of gets on my nerves. Just a little bit. It makes me think that perhaps this person just craves attention and can't deal with me having to pay attention to other things and/or people other than himself/herself. And it isn't that I'm ungrateful for his/her presence -- really, I enjoy their company for the most part -- I just can't stand when anyone gets up in my face for no reason. There really are better ways of saying hello to me. For example, one might enter the room and tap me on the shoulder and say, "Greetings. We have just arrived back at the homestead. Might you care to pop out into the common areas to say, 'hello,' madam?" Or one might simply walk in and say, "Hi, we're home," and leave. Or even just text it. And then if I get mad if you yell while I'm on a call with my boyfriend, don't expect me to be pleased with your current behavior. Seriously? Would you enjoy it if I yelled in your face whilst on the phone with your girlfriend? No, I didn't think so.

I mean, it could be something else. I doubt it. Highly. But it could be.

This anger/frustration/rebel-type-attitude has caused my blood to pump and makes me feel like running a little bit. I need more of the new music, though. That's my main problem. I crave the new music I've been blasting on my radio and on YouTube. I think I need Pandora on my iPhone. That would solve this problem. Or I could just dance. I really really really really really want to dance. I want to go out to a club with my friends and boyfriend and just dance. At prom, I let loose and really danced my heart out. I felt happy and had fun and was just my awesome self. That's how I always feel after I dance at weddings, too. Or when I dance around the house. That's one of my favorite things to do: dance around the house. It probably looks absolutely ridiculous and incredibly white, but I love it. If I dance around or run until I get sweaty, though, I'm going to want to jump in the pool or cool off in water of some sort.

Oh, man. My imagination is running wild again. Better fetch Freddie Krueger. (Please tell me you've seen the "Insheeption" episode of South Park? -- oh hayyyyy, Matt Stone and Trey Parker!) I will be writing tonight. And I will be exercising. And I will have a good time, damn it!

Enjoy yo'selves!

~Rhianna :)


I know! I know, I know! I'm sorry!! I didn't forget about you. I swear. Let me fill you in..

I have lacked motivation all freaking month. For everything. It has sucked horrendously. I think I've only worked out like 3 or 4 times total this entire month. Yeah. I know. I'm paying for it, too. As in I have packed on a few pounds, very visibly. But you know what? I'm totally going to work my butt off til, like, June or something. Yeah!

In other news, I have no reason to leave my room with a laptop,a blu-ray player (with internet, including youtube and netflix and skype and facebook and twitter capabilities), and all my DVDs (and a flatscreen to view them all on, of course!).Additionally, I have access to multiple games on Steam and disc and downloaded. And..aghhh! I'm too tired for this. Er, I'm sick of typing and currently watching Pretty in Pink (and later, Say Anything and Some Kind of Wonderful). Soooooooo I will type up more about January later.

See your faces later!

Peace off
~Rhianna :)
ALL ABOOOOOOOOARD!!! The ESTROGEN EXPRESS is now boarding! Please show me your ticket and boarding pass. Looks good! Alright, go right on in and take your seat, refreshments will be provided shortly!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! December has finally arrived and we are so proud to have you aboard the Estrogen Express this wonderful month of the year! As you've been informed, the theme is love and sex and chick flicks and revelry. If you feel so inclined, take a cookie... or some chocolate... or some toffee candies... or any of the sweets layed out. Embrace the sweet delicacies of life and take it all in (also meaning the food). Oh, and don't worry about the glucose-y, sucrose-y, calorie-filled treats; we'll burn it off with workouts galore!

On tonight's menu, we have a lovely meal of sushi and seaweed salad followed by some scrumptious, fresh clemintines. I assure you, they're totally healthy and delicious. You'll love it; I do.

Following that, we'll be doing a 45-minute walk with a showing of the Doctor. Yes, a brisk walk to Doctor Who. And feel free to run if you've got the energy. I always make it a goal to get in at least 1 mile.

After that is our very first showing of the month, the very first disc of Season 1 of Sex and the City! Yes, ladies, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha! All of them.

That pretty much wraps it up with me. Let's get to that sushi!

Thank you for choosing the Estrogen Express.
And we're off!

29th-Nov-2011 08:42 pm - NERDRAGEvember
What up, my journal-a-diddly peeps!

It is once again becoming time for a thematic (is that a word?) month to come to it's untimely end. Well, I mean, I guess it's not really "untimely" per se, you know, since it comes and goes at the same time every year since.. whenever the calendar was created. Okay, anyways, my point is that though we are sad to see NERDvember come to an end, it is time to move on to December. As mentioned in the previous entry, I am totes ready to commit to my idea of an Estrogen Express December. It is, of course, the season of love, so that's why this has been selected as the theme for next month.

As always, we will be watching both TV and movie items on the theme of Estrogen Express. I would like to add, quite randomly, that I enjoy this title because I can use pun-diferous phrases like "This week, hop on the Estrogen Express as we make our stop in NYC for some Sex and the City time" and generally cheesy things of that nature. It's great, right, audience? Definitely. But seriously, we are going to probably kick it off with a week of the lovely Carrie Bradshaw and her three gal-pals in the city that never sleeps. Yes, Sex and the City Season 1 was purchased on Black Friday, as well as Season 6 Part 1, so I'm prepared for a Season 1-4 marathon! Weeeeeew! I will also, most likely, acquire Season 5 and Season 6 Part 2 over the course of the next month anyways, so it'll be a full festival de Sex and the City. Believe you me, it will. I'm also going to watch hella sitcoms, continuing the Big Bang Theory because I made the exception for sitcoms in December, also including Friends. If you weren't already aware, I own Seasons 1-10 of that show, baby. Oh yeah. In addition, I plan to watch many a chick flick and holiday movie throughout the season for joy and love and.. well, snow, too. It'll be fun, guys, trust me. Not like a Toby "Trust me, piggy" because I'm not going to, like, kill you or anything. Really, I swear! I won't! Promise. >:D (jks).

On another topic, the holiday season is the greatest all-you-can-eat buffet there is, but, guess what, audience! I'm not going to take part in it. Well, I'm not going to gorge myself this year. No, this year I'm making it my vow to totally (or totes, if you'd rather) void overeating during the holidays. I am planning to slim it down and get ultra-fit so that by summertime, I will bust out like a whole new lady. Oh HELLS YEAH! I'm going to work out more. I will this time, totes. And I'm going to stuff my friends' faces with all the baked goodies of the Christmastime glory. Get ready, audience, because all sorts of treats will be coming your way. Guaranteed. Or, well, okay; maybe I won't be giving them, but you'll get 'em. No worries, homes. I think my time every night will be around 7:30pm for working out, by the way. See, I was recently inspired by ShayCarl, whose videos I just remembered I loved to watch. I made my way back to his videos and found out, get this, he's lost some massive quantities of weight! Can you believe it?! It's crazy! I watched one video and was like, "Who is that guy?" and then I watched another and another, and then I just stopped and gaped at my screen because I totally didn't recognize him! GOOD GOD!!! Naturally, I was thrilled to see him looking so well and congratulated my screen for his great job. Shortly after, I realized that I had completely slipped from my workout sessions and my dieting has sucked the utter (new phrase I'm trying; think it'll catch? lols). So, since there is no time like the present, I am going to reboot and get in gear. I'm hoping that maybe I can start working out mornings and then evenings, too. Morning time would be, probably, around 5:30am-ish. Evening time, as I said before, is around 7:30pm. Anyways, I'm making my sister remind me and keep me on track every single fracking day! Weeeeeew! Projectbuscus! (awww yeah, whip out them aviators; it's cool time).

Anyways, audience, I gotta sign off or it'll get to be 10, 11, and so on. I could probably write forever. Just kiddin', homes. I doubt I could. I'd get carpal tunnel (sp?) or cramps or something. And I could die of starvation or thirst or something. Yeah.. anyways, RAMBLING AGAIN, so I will see you latahs.

Get your tickets now because the Estrogen Express leaves the gate in 2 days! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!

27th-Nov-2011 03:29 pm - Lazy Days
Hello, audience.

I realized just yesterday that I was about to forget to write an entry for the week of my birthday. And staying true to how our calendar system works, it appears, I have done so anyways. However, the point is that I haven't written in a week and I believe that I owed an entry to my audience. Alas, here I am.

For the past week, I must add, I've been rather sluggish in my routines and even neglected to work out for the majority of it. Unfortunately, this has probably resulted in the accumulation of additional adipose tissue around my mid-section as well as my arms and thighs. In turn, I have resolved to restore myself to the last point at which I had worked out on a daily basis and restart my routines. I have also resolved that I must create a shopping list for my mother as she is not able to shop effectively for both my dietary habits or my sister's. I must consult my sister on that, in order to create a specialized list that fits the requirements of both our nutritional needs. Futhermore, I must look up some dietary guidelines, hopefully some that will be motivational to keep me in line, such as celebrity endorsed diets. My mother, "brilliant" A-student as she was, does not believe in diets or dieting, most likely as a result of her new-found veganist friends and lifestyle habits. Also unfortunately, she has been trying her very hardest to integrate her weird and, might I add, unpalatable vegan foods into our meals. As my sister and I have protested repeatedly, the food tastes NOTHING like the "real deal" that is meat and is unappealing to our eyes and stomachs. In any case, I have resolved that if I create a master list of food to purchase from the store, my mother may supply the necessary food that I need in order to create the meal-plans of which I may then ingest. And with that, I may be able to improve my dietary habits and help my sister to do so as well. On the work out spectrum, I would say that my interest in the Crunch workout video franchise has allowed me to, generally speaking -- not based on the previous week's activity, or, rather, lack of it -- keep a steady schedule of working out in the evenings from 7 to about 8, and sometimes longer. I do enjoy their pace and how they do the routine. As long as I keep myself in check, probably in need of a person or thing to remind me of my status and push me to do it, I should be able to continue my work. I think my dad's system he has worked out with his friend. Mr. Dugan, has proven to be quite effective as a form of negative reinforcement, thereby conditioning my father to participate in the Power 90 activity nightly in order to avoid the unpleasantries of Mr. Dugan's follow-up phone call. If I could get someone to do something similar, provide negative reinforcement to me, I might be able to more effectively stay on track. The same thing was illustrated on one of my favorite shows, Friends. Monica was the Mr. Dugan, if you will, of Chandler's extensive workout program (Season 2 - The One Where Ross Finds Out -- a personal favorite of mine, by the way).

On that note, meaning the sitcom note, I would olike to remark on the fact the Nerdvember is coming to a close! One of the more disappointing parts of this past week is the fact that because of my birthday, my friends have viciously thrown me off-course of my nerdy shows. The nights following my pre-birthday birthday dinner last weekend were spent watching Friends Seasons 5-7, as well as during the week. Fortunately, I caught myself this weekend and watched a favored Doctor Who episode (the one about Van Gogh) and The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 2-4). It was today that I finally worked through, effortlessly I might add, Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory. And what is the worst part of that statement? The fact that it ends so... -- what is the word for it? stupendously? -- well, it has a crazy, unexpected yet totally foreshadowed ending that you just HAVE to see the next season! The problem, then? SEASON 5 IS STILL BEING FILMED AND WRITTEN AND AIRED, and is, therefore, not available for viewing on DVD just yet. This is the precise reason that I hate watching shows that are still on TV; cliffhangers are my mortal enemy. As some of you are probably wondering 'Why don't you just watch it on TV as it comes out?' I would like to point out, in a very Sheldon-esque voice, I don't have cable to watch it on, so there. As it is still Nerdvember, I still plan on celebrating the final days with complete appreciation of my nerdiness. This, in turn, means that I am to restart the collection of all four seasons of Big Bang Theory and relive it until the end of the month. In other news, however, I must select a new theme for the next month. I was trying to decide between crime shows/dramas and estrogen express shows. Of course, by this I mean Dexter, Lie to Me, and House, MD when I speak of crime/drama shows, and Sex and the City, Friends, and chick flicks when I speak of "Estrogen Express" shows. As I type out these ideas, I am becoming increasingly interested in an Estrogen Express December, as it is, in fact, the month of love and friendship and all things surrounding the time to be jolly (Fa La La La La, La La La La, as it were). And a new year may be good to kick off with some drama, which we all must be saying "Doesn't it always start that way anyways." In any case, we shall return to the topic when the occassion arises, as we still have three more days to ponder it and come to a decision.

It has now occurred to me that I haven't got anything else to say to you, audience, and this shall be the conclusion. OH! But I must add that I did decide I am not going to do YouTube videos this month as I did not come up with an idea for a channel theme, or whatever you want to call it. I am, however, going to be starting the planning and creation of a new project with my sister, Quinn. She has the visual artistic capabilities, which I lack, and I have the literal talents. Together, we will fuse them to create a marvelous thing we call entertainment. More on that next entry, though. I must bid you all farewell and return to my cavern of TV and movies, as I am starting to get a craving. I also think I may do a beauty day today, meaning the time for a grooming and well-deserved hair removal has finally come.

Until next entry,


P.S. - If you didn't take this into account whilst reading, I would like to say that I wrote this in such a manner that Sheldon may have written and/or spoken it, although it was unintentional. The cause being that I have watched far too many cockamamy Big Bang Theory episodes.
15th-Nov-2011 04:26 pm - Starbuck
BAM! Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back, audience. Good to see your faces.

As promised in my tweet from the previous night-- if you saw it because you're following me, and if you aren't following me, then maybe you're just creeping really hard or something-- I'm going to discuss Starbuck. On a somewhat-not-really related note, I have a huge craving for a grande white mocha, by the way.

Okay! So, before I get started I want to know something. Be honest, now, you could save yourself some effort. My question is as follows: have you watched Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009)? If you have already seen the show, and know EXACTLY who Starbuck (remember: this is the most current one of the series that have been created, so I'm talking about the female Starbuck) is, then you can skip over this next section as I need to take a minute or so to explain who she is, in a nutshell.

Nooblets who have not seen Battlestar Galactica (or super fanatics who have only seen the old series with male Starbuck), let me lay this down for you right here, right now. Starbuck, known as Lieutenant (and apparently, later Captain) Kara Thrace, is one of the best viper pilots. She's edgy and has an attitude. She is the epitome of greatness. Okay, that's an exaggeration. I don't want to feed you my opinions, since that's what the rest of this entry is for. But, in any case, I happen to love her character. She's got a thing with Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama (as of where I am in the series currently -- which is Season 2 Episode 10, as in I'm watching 10 tonight, just in case you were wondering) and she has slept with this dude Anders (on Caprica -- currently cylon-occupied) and Gaius Baltar (Vice President of the fleet). It's extremely obvious that she has romantic feelings toward Apollo, too, just saying. But yeah, so that's a basic blurb about who Starbuck is, so you nooblets can follow along and understand what I'm about to rant about/discuss.

Okay, now that everyone's been debriefed, so to speak, let us commence the rant.. er, discussion.

The first point I would like to get across is my feelings about Starbuck's character. I think her writers, as in the people who created and developed this character in the series, are geniuses. Really. I think she is so full of spunk and personality, and I think her makers have developed her into such a phenomenal person. I can't tell you how much I love the banter between her and Apollo, where she reveals more of her own identity and her inner feelings and such. I also love the way she acts towards the people with authority, especially Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh. There's so much tension and energy and originality in all of it, and it's just a spectacle of awesomeness that I can't tear my eyes away from for the life of me. I've heard the show starts to become something resembling more of a soap opera in space for Season 3, but as of right now, (as I said before, Season 2 Episode 10) I totally love Battlestar Galactica, and more pertinently, Starbuck. Kudos to you, writer guys, for sure. In addition, I think Katee Sackoff does a fantastic job at portraying the character of Starbuck, to the point where she can only be Starbuck to me now. When in character, I bet she just became her, you know? She became Starbuck and just let it take over. What we see on screen is purely Kara/Starbuck. It's so enthralling to watch her in that persona, too, because she does it so well. I like her expressions and reactions she has with the dialogue. They always feel character-appropriate and just fitting. She's got charisma and gumption that I totally admire. At the same time, I feel sort of like, "Yeah, exactly!" or "I'd do the same thing." I feel like I can relate to this girl on my screen and I love that about her, too. One of my favorite scenes was one where Kara is bouncing her ball against the wall and Apollo comes in, takes it to tease her, and then gives it back and says he loves her and that he's here if she wants to talk. The reason I loved it is because, after that, she says, "What was that middle part, again?... You love me?" and she teases Lee about it. I thought that was one of her girlier scenes, like the grown-up version of little kids on the playground in kindergarten. And Starbuck hasn't been the most feminine girl in the fleet, thus far anyways, so it felt like we got to see a new side of her. I also really really really liked the episode "Home, Part 2" because I liked how she and Lee bonded and how they illustrated the "map to Earth" scene. It always interests me that the writers play around with the idea of polytheism and the semblance of parallel with Greek/Roman mythology (like "Apollo" and "Caprica" -- Caprica pertaining to Capricorn, the astrological sign). I liked how Starbuck believes in these multiple gods as well. It's cool, in my opinion. Anyways, those are some of the things I like about Starbuck's character. I also like her, though, because she reminds me of an old family friend who I love dearly. This being the same woman whose wedding I attended with my father and sister, as well as the same woman who has now officially moved to London with her Icelandic husband. For a long time, ever since Battlestar Galactica premiered on Scifi (not Syfy <-- what the frak is that?) actually, I've heard and been informed that this woman is exactly, to a "T", like Starbuck. I knew from watching only the first episode when I was younger that she was like Starbuck in the way that Starbuck was "one of the guys" as they say, but I evidently had no idea of the magnitude of likeness these two women shared. Not only are they both one with the guys, but they are stubborn and perserverant and full of charismatic attitude. They have a similar appearance and a similar laugh and voice, as well, if they weren't already alike enough. It's crazy! That is another reason why Starbuck is such a dear character to me, though. Every time I see her on the show, I think of this woman, the crazy, awesome, almost-aunt, best friend to my Aunt Heather, who I loved (and still love). It's comforting to watch the show and see this person just like her, especially when I can no longer see her as I had before she moved away to England. This is yet another reason why I love Starbuck so very much.

Well, audience, that's pretty much all I felt I needed to say about Starbuck. I know you didn't ask, but I felt like you should know, you know? Anywhoozles, I think  right now I would like to fill you in on where I am in the plot of Battlestar Galactica! Woohoo! I feel like I should start it like this...

Previously on Battlestar Galactica... (queue music)
The crew just finished building this new home-made viper called, "Blackbird" (as well as the title "Laura" printed on the ship itself in honor of the President). The viper pilot crew has decided to join Starbuck in befriending Helo, the "toaster-lover." Chief used the ship-building as a means to finally reach forgiveness with Sharon/Boomer. Sharon has had her cylon-human baby on the ship already. The president and Commander Adama, alongside Starbuck and Apollo, traveled into Athena's tomb with Sagittarion's arrow and found the "map to Earth." Doctor Gaius Baltar is trying to become a leader of the fleet, but remains as the Vice President, and ver-crazy with his hallucination of the cylon, Caprica Six. A journalist mudraker from the fleet interviewed the crew of the Galactica and broadcasted a program about them and the work they do. In her interviewing, she got footage of Sharon's delivery. At the end of that episode we see that she has brought all of her footage to the cylons on Caprica. Sharon has also just saved the Galactica fleet from a major cylon raider attack, but remains contained in the brig. Tigh is a drunk and has a manipulative wife (who I hate, by the way). And Lee loves Starbuck.

I think that about sums everything up. Anyways, please continue with your participation in Nerdvember, and if you haven't already begun participating, I encourage you to do so. I think my next entry will be about comic book stuff, since I still have to review Captain America (2011) (yes, I saw it a weekend or two ago) and I want to see how Arkham City looks. Perhaps the next entry will be on my birthday, or maybe Thanksgiving. We'll see, right? Okay! Sounds like a great idea. In the meantime, FLY YOUR FREAK FLAGS SKY HIGH! Have no fear in letting your nerdiness show! Just don't be a mainstream/hipster loser like those girls who claim to love Batman and wear huge hipster glasses, okay? Later, nerds.

12th-Nov-2011 10:41 pm - Theme for this month!
BAM! Hi there, audience.

This is really only going to be a short entry as I haven't got much news except the announcement of the theme of November! I believe I said in an earlier entry that I would be coming up with a theme for this month as I had for October. If you recall (or read from my previous entries), October was my Horror-Fest month in which I watched many different horror movies. Well, while I was working out today-- which on a totally different note, I would like to add, I am doing fairly well at keeping up with my workout incorporation, next step is diet incorporation-- anyways, while I was working out, I came up with the theme for November. Ready? Nerd-vember! It was so perfect, and I'll tell you why. It will consist of scifi shows and movies, as well as nerdy shows, like The Big Bang Theory, and some gaming! And it's during my favorite month, also the month of my birthday I might add! And it all works out because November = Nerd-vember because, you know.... it's kind of really obvious.. you get it right? Nov changes to Nerd.. Whatever, anyways, I had this epiphany and just had to tell you all about it. In fact, I was working out to The Big Bang Theory we have on DVD. Yeah! I told you, or I'm telling you now, I'm doing it up! Haha! And I should let you know about what kinds of things I'll be talking about for this month.

Okay, so this month it's mostly going to be shows. I started it with Paul, though, the 2011 movie featuring Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Jason Bateman (as well as a full cast of other names). I thought that movie was pretty awesome. It has all kinds of scifi references, like Star Wars and Alien(s) and Predator and Star Trek, and has an interesting plot. I especially liked the big reveal towards the end, but I can't just give it away because you should really see it for yourself. I tend to enjoy Simon Pegg's and Nick Frost's humor, not just because they're British, but because they're just awesome, cool people. I thought it was also awesome that they included the San Diego Comic-Con as a scene. I was kind of jealous, since I want to go, but it was cool. I think the story was unexpected and fresh; very enjoyable, indeed. AND Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were the writers behind this feature! How cool is that? Write your own movie with your best friend and then star in it with some kick-ass people; awwww yeah! Thumbs up, go see it!

My TV shows for this month are going to be Battlestar Galactica (the newest series) because I got sucked in and my family has an addiction to it (currently amidst Season 2), Doctor Who (started with series 9 Chris Eccleston, seen series 11 Matt Smith, both seasons, currently on David Tennant's series 10, season 1), and probably some Firefly (even though I've seen all of it), as well as The Big Bang Theory. Sounds like a lot of fun ahead of us, yeah? I'd describe where I am in each, but I don't really feel like it right now, haha. HOWEVER, at some point in the near-ish future, I will tell you all about where I am in each. Maybe not all of them at once, but over time and separately. We'll see. I'm actually going to go watch some Battlestar Galactica once I finish this entry. I'm looking forward to it deeply. Oh! And as for games, I think that's going to be my starter YouTube concept, just like TobyGames, except it's me and not Toby (I know, it's a little bit of a let-down, but just watch and see if you like it). I think the games I want to play for that are going to be Batman: Arkham City and... well I'm not sure what else. If you have suggestion, you should leave a comment or something. Oh!! And I want to do a Minecraft one like Toby because I have Minecraft, I just get bored without an audience to speak to ;P.

Anywhoozles, that about wraps this entry up. I'm so ready to go watch Battlestar right now, I kid you not. Ahem! So, thanks for listening to me discuss my epic plan for Nov--- I mean, NERDvember (haha, yeah, almost said November, but I changed it!). Please participate if you so wish. Happy Nerding... Is that too weird? Uh... okay... how about this, Let your freak flag fly sky high! Sounds good to me.


Hello there audience!

So I was just wandering on the internet wastelands, browsing through my usuals, like Toby Turner's Mincraft commentary (which I had to catch up on), when I decided that I would check out CNN.com. To my surprise, I found a video under "Featured" that I was, actually, moderately interested in. This was the clip of Nicholas Sparks' Q&A session between him and his fans via some sort of camera device. Unfortunately, when I saw the video, I was unimpressed.

The very first question in the session begins as follows: "...I once heard a writer say that 'as long as you write for yourself, you will always have an audience.' Has that been your key to success as a best-selling author?"

Now, I found that this was a very intelligent question and would allow Mr. Sparks to answer with advice that inspires people. That was my hope, at least; however, Sparks replies to the man's question by saying that this "has never been [his] philosophy." He says that when he creates these revered visions of classic romance he "write[s] a story that [he] think[s] people will want to read." This implies, in my opinion, that he writes to please an audience rather than to tell stories that he actually wants to. In fact, that might even lead one to assume that his works are made solely to provide profit for Sparks. He then proceeds to say that writing, for him, is often "a painful, arduous, and tortuous process" and that he has a hard time "evoking genuine sympathy in [his] characters." I've always been told that you should do what you want to do with your life; so, therefore, an author or writer of any sort should love to write and shouldn't be discomforted by any part of the task. So why write if you don't actually want to? If you don't enjoy your career as a writer, then it might as well be an office job for you. I think that if writing extenuates you to such an extent that you can actually say that writing is a "painful, arduous, and tortuous process" then you shouldn't even waste your time in the spotlight. On a similar note, I also think that if you are just writing what people want to read and you find it difficult to "evoke genuine sympathy in your characters," then you aren't putting any emotion into the piece. Writing is supposed to be about your self-expression and providing an outlet for any extra energy, creative or skills otherwise in need of expression, for your own benefit and enjoyment. I think that if your motivation is for profit or anything other than self-expression or enjoyment of the act of storytelling, then you are creating a mash-up of characters in a soul-less piece of literature. Who can enjoy something that you yourself don't enjoy? It's almost exactly like the whole idea that you have to accept or love yourself first in order to have others accept or love you. You look back on the Nicholas Sparks books you've read, thinking that he probably thought hard on the development of each character and how much care and love that went into it, and now examine it. It's all just a bunch of words strung together to make money. It's like a home-made chocolate cake versus a store-bought
sugar-coated dessert. The home-made chocolate cake has so much love baked right into it from the start because the only reason you'd consider making it yourself is because you love doing so. You spend all that hard work on it because you want it to taste delicious and signify your passion for the act of cooking. When its finished, you take your first bite and feel the rush of complete satisfaction because you made it yourself and you've proven your affections for baking it. And when you suggest others to take a slice, they close their own eyes and sink into the wonders of that delicious product and say, "Wow, this is a work of art," because that's exactly what it is. The store-bought cake, however, is made mechanically. Each ingredient is added and it's sent into the oven systematically. There is no love. There is no passion. It is designed to make people think, "Good enough," when they purchase it, and that's exactly what they get. They consume it and know it is nowhere near the greatness of that home-made cake, but they don't have that kind of passion for cooking/baking, so they just take the sugary cake because it'll save them time and effort. And when you think about it, Nicholas Sparks seems to have done exactly that, based on that answer. He doesn't put in the love and care for his creation because he doesn't have the aspiration for it. He does it systematically because it got him paid before, and if he isn't paid, then who really cares about it anyway? So my question to him is: Where did your writing soul go, brother?

The second question asked is along the lines of motivation and dedication. Sparks answers this by saying that he believes that it, writing, is "more about dedication than motivation." In a way, I agree with him on this. It takes full-on dedication to finishing any piece you write. You should be willing to focus most, if not all, attention on writing the book. I think, however, that dedication must work in conjunction with motivation because you need to feel that pull towards your story in order to keep you going with the writing of the piece. If you lose motivation for the piece, you're going to fall back onto that same systematic habit that Sparks seems to identify with. I believe that it is because of Sparks' mechanical, money-making approach to writing that makes him think that dedication to your writing is more important. When you approach a business endeavor, you need to just do it, regardless of whether you want to do it or not, and Sparks appears to match writing with this attitude. He simply views his pieces as business endeavors and nothing more. He even says later in answering this question that his motivation became the expectations of his publishers. This means that he is driven by working rather than enjoying his writing. As I said before, they are soul-less scriptures and mass produced for profit.

The last question concerns Nicholas Sparks' personal life and isn't really relevant to the purpose of this entry, however. He talks about how he lives a simple life, which is perfectly acceptable if that's how he chooses to live. I have no objection to that.

After watching this clip, I was pretty disappointed in this romance writer. I couldn't believe that this guy, someone whose stories made me swoon over the protagonists and their plots, was basically a sell-out. He's a businessman selling the fabricated products of the writing trade. It made me wonder if this was what talent is viewed as in America. Do we really want to revere authors who come up with ideas just to make sales? What happened to writing because you have a gift that you utilize to express yourself? Satire, commentary, catharsis; all of these tools that authors can manipulate at will so they can describe their opinions. Even fictional stories, whatever form of literature (meaning media, considering most of today's "literature" concerns the television and silver screens) they may be, are ways we release our thoughts and imagination into the world. How has it come to be that a writer's purpose is no longer that, but merely a way of gaining compensation for a piece of paper with meaningless words scribbled all through it? Where did the souls of true writing-- or even writers for that matter-- go?


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