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1st-Nov-2011 05:09 pm - Endings and Beginnings

Hello, once again, audience... wait a minute, that's not my opener...

Okay so hi there, audience, and welcome to another blog entry with me.

I'm sorry to inform you, though you should probably already know this, that the October Horror Fest has officially concluded as of yesterday, All Hallow's Eve. Sadly, Halloween had no feature as I didn't have good enough options on Netflix (SPONSOR) nor do I own any new horrors I had interest in, or any for that matter. So, yes, I didn't have a grand finale for the great spooktacular evening; however, I did get some sushi and Starbucks which was pretty sweet. I do love my Starbucks (Grande White Mocha all the way, homes) and sushi is delightful. I concluded the month by watching Hairspray (2007) and Finding Nemo (2003). Finding Nemo is my designated bedtime movie, as in I watch it to have something to fall asleep to every night like a bedtime story. Decent enough of an ending, though I would have preferred a fantastic horror story.

Anyways, today is the first day of November! It is the month of many, many, MANY of my family's birthdays. The month of my very own birthday (seventeenth this year!). It is the month of daylight savings (this upcoming weekend, a whole EXTRA hour of sleep). It is the month that begins the second quarter of the school year (...yeah, I don't know if it's good or bad or what). What am I trying to get across here? I believe my point was that November is a busy, busy month for me. In addition to the joys previously mentioned, I have some things on my own agenda (actually, literally as of two nights ago) that I would like to work on for the month of November. There's not a whole lot, or at least, I don't think it's too overwhelming/time-consuming. In any case, I would like to type up my goals for this month here so that I have made it into an imperative sort of thing for myself. You know, like, if it's on my blog on the internets, I feel more obligated to do it. Is that true? I don't even know; I'm pretty much just saying stuff to convince myself that this is why I'm typing it up here. Otherwise, I just seem like a weird girl telling the world about plans that don't really matter too much in the grand scheme of things, to be perfectly honest; though, I think I've already made it clear that that is exactly what I am. Okay, I need to just focus and type it up. Let me just get out my handy-dandy notebook of scheming...

Okay! Here are the things I'm aiming to accomplish by the end of November:
1. Improve French VI grade
2. Improve AP Psychology test scores
3. Come up with a YouTube video scheme/theme/idea thing (like what is my channel all about?)
4. Make and post at least 8 YouTube videos 
5. Write and post at least 5 LiveJournal blog entries
6. Finish up to 40 total pages of my screenplay
7. Improve diet and exercise (so that I can therefore...)
8. Lose 15-20lbs
9. Improve hygenic habits (clear up skin, whiten teeth, etc.)
10. Create birthday plans before the 23rd (my birthday)

So how shall I work to accomplish these things? Hmmm. Looking over my previously made schemes, I do not see how my "division of time" will pan out successfully since I've already demonstrated that I can't stick to that strict a schedule by not following it the past two days. Revision time? I think so. Let's try making guidlines to help accomplish each goal.

Goal: Improving French VI grade
1. Do homework at home
2. Always keep your French dictionary handy for translations
3. Work on speaking spur of the moment on random topics
4. Be prepared to speak about given topics by thinking about it the day before and/or minutes before
5. Know vocabulary and fautes typiques

Goal: Improve AP Psychology test scores
1. Take better notes
2. Know vocabulary terms and how they all relate
3. Consider what topics could be made into essays and develop those points fully
4. Look over the given reading/chapter the night before AND the morning of the test
5. Make connections between terms, processes, and units/chapters

Goal: Make and post at least 8 YouTube videos
1. Come up with a channel theme/scheme/idea doodle
2. Set aside 2 days per video for filming and 1 day for editing
3. Be as crazy as you want
4. Set up an area to film in
5. Charge up the video camera and/or film with the webcam

Goal: Write and post at least 5 LiveJournal blog posts
1. Find things to write about
2. Give yourself a monthly theme
3. Review the movies and/or TV shows you watch
4. Whilst on the computer, open up a tab and type
5. Don't make it a chore, have fun

Goal: Finish up to 40 pages total of my screenplay
1. Decide on what exactly is happening with the monster
2. Determine the sequence of events of the middle
3. Fill out the characters as much as you can
4. Work on show not tell
5. Write the next week's 5 pages at the end of the preceding week (do not depend on the Monday writing session)

Goal: Improve diet and exercise in order to lose 15-20lbs
1. Look up effective dietary habits
2. Work out for at least 45mins-1hr each day
3. Add variety to both the diet and the exercise
4. Eat less fatty, greasy, sugary, or otherwise weight-increasing foods
5. Pay attention to food intake : exercise amount ratio

Goal: Improve hygenic habits
1. Get more Neutrogena acne reducing/controlling products
2. Buy new toothbrush
3. Think about all the germs infiltrating your skin and teeth
4. Make one day of each week solely for beauty and hygiene upkeep
5. Make it a routine to do each activity in sequence or at specific times

Goal: Create birthday plans before the 23rd (my birthday)
1. Discuss pre-determined events of the month with parental units
2. Discuss pre-determined events of the month with friends
3. Determine who is invited to what celebration(s)
4. Determine what each celebration will consist of (ex. sleepover, dinner with friends, movie, etc.)
5. Establish dates and times for celebratory event(s)

Tada!! I have made guidelines for each goal! Yay! And that was all made on the fly, just like that.

I think one of my main jobs for the dietary/exercise plan, at the present moment, is to look up stuff online about effective ones. If you didn't get it, that is one of my primary goals this month due to the fact that a.) Thanksgiving will fatten me up worse if I don't get in shape now, b.) I am tired of being chubbier than I want to be, c.) I want to look good for the benefit of myself and others (boys in particular), and d.) I'm not looking for a relationship with any boys at the current moment, so why not do this now?! My Aunt Shannon and I decided we both wanted to get slimmer in order to go out and buy a beautiful New Year's Eve dress just so that we can go to a ball and look utterly spectacular. I was very thrilled when she was on board with that idea. I also am in need of new clothes (due to the stupid bed bug trauma of the summer which severely depleted my clothing inventory) and want to be able to buy slightly smaller ones that fit nicely. In addition, it is nearing the wintertime of hibernation and massive accumulation of holiday fat. I don't know why this always must happen, but it does, and I always end up weighing more as we endure the frigid months. Stupid innate nature of fat storage for wintertimes. Good lord. But yeah, so that'll be a big part of these entries and my activity for this month.

As a result of the completion of all of these goals, I should show an improvement in myself overall. I should be more confident and prepared and positive. I expect to be much more positive as the weight from my thighs and abdomen melts away, as well as once my grades improve. Perhaps, also, I will gain better attention from boys and the like once I lose weight and improve my overall hygiene. I sure as hell hope so. In addition, I expect that my accomplishment of projects, like the LiveJournal entries and YouTube videos, should become a fun thing I do.

Speaking of the YouTube video thing, did I mention that I've decided to "hire" (not with payment) my sister as my editor? Yeah, I asked her like this past week or weekend or something and she said yes. All I need to do is film stuff, I suppose. See, I know I've said this already, but I need to figure out what my videos will have as a theme scheme thing. I know most people make commentary about videos or conversational topics or other things, but I want to add a quirk to it. Hmmm. Things to think about.

In other news, I want to come up with a movie genre of the month so that I can do some more reviewing. I believe that last year I decided, not in-blog, that November was for comic book and superhero movies. I don't think that would work out for this year, though, since I've already seen a lot of the superhero movies that have come out and I want to review some other stuff. Maybe it's Sex and the City month? I have to acquire the rest of the series, as I only own seasons 2-4 and there are a total of 6 (except I believe 6 is split into 2 halves). Or maybe it's Doctor Who month? Reviewing doctors 9-11? (hah 9/11-- sorry that's not funny. Oh, God, you think I'm awful now). Or maybe it's... I don't know, something else-month! Sigh. I'll think about what I want to do and get back to you on it. I have to say, though, I am interested in Sex and the City month now that I've said it. I love love LOVE that show. Seriously. Me and Carrie; we could be twins. Except I'm a little more into gaming and horror and scifi than she. But still!

Oh man.. Alright, well, I think that just about wraps it up for today, audience. I'll update you on these things, no worries. I'll probably tweet if I make a video or something, so keep an eye out. Anyways, hope everyone had a great Halloween and let's kick-start this November with.... some sort of thing of fury. TARDIS' (Is it TARD-I if it's plural? jk I'm sorry Doctor Who super-fans who hate me for that comment now) of Fury! Yes. Eye-runs of Fury. Yes.

Okidoke, I'm going to end this, just give me a minute. I keep getting distracted by my thoughts and words and stuff. There I go again, just explaining the causes of my distraction for, let's face it, no reason at all. Good? Ard, I'm out.


P.S. - Should I begin my entries with BAM? How about my videos-to-come? Just a thought.
P.S. x2 - Should I make a gmail? Or a new yahoo mail thing? You know, like, just in case or something?
P.S. x3 - I'm still not done Dracula. I'm almost halfway though!
P.S. x4 - ....That's a lot of P.S.'s

30th-Oct-2011 03:21 pm - The Fest Continues...
Okay, it's been, like, 2 weeks since both my previous entry and the last movies I saw for the Horror-Fest, and now I will catch you up. And that weekend's theme was werewolves and vampires, but mostly vampires.

Let's begin with the worst of the three I saw, Near Dark (1987). Featuring Heroes' "Flying Man", Adrian Pasdar, and Bill Paxton (Twister, Weird Science) and Lance Henrikson (Aliens), comes the story of a family of vampires who take in Caleb (Adrian Pasdar). After his encounter with this young woman, Mae, he is bitten and runs home, unaware of his changing body. He then finds himself literally burning up as he runs through the fields. The family of vampires finds him and abducts him into their van, explaining the situation to him. So Caleb is given a few days to make his first kill and, in return, is allowed to live. Since Caleb is such a stupid wuss, he can't make his first kill and gets them all accused of murder instead. So eventually he finds himself hiding in the motel where his dad and sister are looking for him. They take him home and give him a blood transfusion to make him human again. Personally, I enjoyed watching Paxton's character as the badass vampire and generally throwing his weight around, just because it was so ridiculous. Homer, the stupid kid, was the most annoying, aside from Mae, in my opinion. And he was going to turn Caleb's sister into a vampire because he had a little crush on her. Technically, that guy was a pedofile since he said he was the oldest of their little group/pack/thing and the girl was like ten years old. And Mae was like the stupidest vampire I have probably ever seen. She was just like totally infatuated with this guy who she barely knew and then she would look up at the stars and tell Caleb that maybe he could be around forever, like the stars, with her... and on the FIRST DATE. Intensive much? And then at the end, they give her a transfusion, too? How did she possibly have the same exact blood type as these people? Incest? Ew. Anyways, if I were to give a rating out of 10.. I would give it a... 4 or 5. The good parts, few though they were, were when the family caught fire and exploded into a big lightning-ash cloud.

Next up, Ginger Snaps (2000). This was a Canadian film that centers around a pair of sisters, Brigitte and Ginger. These two girls are completely obsessed with death and disease and just morbid things to begin with, which was new and impressed me. We find out, through an awkward dinner discussion, that they're both late in development of female hormonal stuff (aka periods). At the same time, there's a beast on the loose that's killing all the neighborhood dogs, for some unknown reason. The same night that Ginger gets her first period, the beast chases after them and bites her. Bridget manages to somehow save and find her sister, then take her home to get help. Throughout the movie, Brigitte deals with the changes her sister goes through in becoming a werewolf and looks for a cure. I thought that the concept was cool and, though some of the effects were quite disturbing, the ideas behind the transformation and hiding them from others were interesting. I liked the actors, as I often like Canadian actors (ex. Michael Cera, Ellen Page, Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and thought their portrayals of each character were well-executed. This movie was decent for a creature feature and I found it... fun.

This last one is now one of my most favorite vampire movies ever, just as a preface, and I am very excited to share my review of this particular motion picture. It's an independent (indie) film called Stake Land (2010) which was orignally shown on a screen in Boston and then shared throughout the U.S. Written by one of the main actors (Nick Damici) as well as the director (Jim Mickle), this movie was by far the most hardcore vampire film I have ever seen. It centers around a boy named Martin (Connor Paolo) and his journey to "New Eden" with the vampire slayer, Mister (Nick Damici). Throughout the journey, they are accompanied by different people and work together to survive the wastelands of northeastern America that has been overrun by crazed vampires. These vampires are nothing like the sparkling Twilight ones nor the True Blood Vampire Bill types, but are somewhat like zombies. They have no seductive techniques and only desire the blood of humans. In the film, Mister is the epitome of what Van Helsing stands for: the slaughter of the blood-thirsty human remnants. He's fearless and has no mercy for such creatures, as well as sexual assaulting peoples as seen later. Though one would expect the prime atagonist to be the vampires, that is a mere distraction, as the true villains of this movie are the cultists of the Northern states, led by Mr. Jebedia Loven (Michael Cerveris). There's all kinds of gore, as in one of the first few scenes we are shown a vampire feeding off the neck of a newborn baby, and clearly illustrates show-not-tell in screenwriting. I thought the actors were exceptional and did an amazing job, especially for an indie film. Everything about this movie was powerful and graphic and just outstanding, in my opinion. I was thoroughly impressed by it and give it a 10/10 with two thumbs up and everything. It keeps you on your toes, too. Always unexpected, even for both my dad and myself who constantly predict the rest of the movie as it progresses. I'm also convinced that Damici HAD to have at least seen Firefly, based on the characters' dynamics, and played Fallout 3, based on the set up of Megaton-esque towns. I strongly STRONGLY recommend this movie to everyone and anyone. It's great. Try to keep an open mind, though, because it is rough at a lot of parts.

That wraps up my horror movie reviewage from two weeks ago. Since then, I've been watching my dad play F.E.A.R. 2 on the big screen and watching Toby Turner's gameplay of Dead Island (as well as Minecraft, which by the way, he has suckered me into playing now). Halloween, as you all ought to know, is tomorrow! Exciting stuff! And, yeah, I have no real costume, still. Great. Maybe I will go get some fangs and do my makeup like the vampires from Stake Land or something. I don't know. However, I did make a new decoration in the process of helping my friend, Ariana, make her costume. I stole stuff from a claw-prize doll (you know, the machines where you win stuff with The Claw.. <insert Toy Story alien voice here>?) and since it was ripped open, I figured I should make it look creepy to go with the tear. So now I have a doll with a tear on its neck and limp legs and blood and cuts all over it. It dangles from a noose, but I'm still not sure where to hang it to scare all the children. Hmmm. I still have yet to decorate the house with Halloween decorations, as a matter of fact. I should probably do that, like, instead of watching TobyGames all day. Hah! Right. I probably won't, but whatevers. I feel like talking also, so I think I'll just type some more about my past week or something.

Oh, so last weekend was an old family friend's wedding celebration, as she had the actual wedding over the summer in Iceland due to the Icelandic nature of her new husband and his family. I went with my father and sister and endured the awkward experience. I actually had a nice time and re-met someone who my aunt had dated back when I was just a little baby, as he and his family sat at our table. He was pretty cool, as was his wife, and knew so much about movies and actors and things of that media. I was so excited that I had been in the presence of someone almost exactly like me in that respect. They were even teaching their children about all the good stuff, like Buffy and Friends and Lost. I loved it so much. It was like a preview of how I'm probably going to turn out later in life, and I was totally excited. You mention facts about an actor, and BOOM they know exactly who you're talking about. How cool is that?! AMAZING!! Oh man. I just, I don't know, in shock of the whole awesomeness of it. But, no, the whole reason I started talking about it was the fact that I realized a few days ago that almost all, if not all, of the single women I was raised by have all gotten married and hardly talk to me anymore! My aunts are all married (or in Shannon's case, engaged to be married) and/or have children and don't have the time to talk to me about anything other than their kids. It's not so awful, but, like, I kinda wish that I could have that single woman back, sometimes. I miss those days, you know? The ones where you see your cool Aunt Suzanne and she gives you a Sprite and Carefree gum, and you dance around in a purple tutu, and then you talk about how life is. Or when you used to go to your Aunt Heather's for the cookie baking day in the city townhouse you grew from infancy to toddlerdom in, and there's her best friends from high school and they all think you're cool so they ask questions to get you to say rareties of crazy awesome stuff. Or when you'd hang out with your second cousins in your Aunt Shannon's house late on a winter night playing Apples to Apples and laughing hysterically at the many absurd combinations of cards you've conjured. Or, on vacation at the beach, when you go to your Cousin Kathy's room and dance to cheesy dance music like the Macarena and the Chicken Dance over and over until you collapse in a fit of giggles on the bed. Or your cousin Vinnie tickles you and chases you all around the house because you were playing around with him because you knew you wanted them to come after you anyways. These are the moments I miss the most, and they're all good moments in my life that I think of whenever I see these people now. And the sad thing is that you've grown up now, and they have their own families to attend to and love and chase and talk to. It was just a thought I had the other day, I don't know. I miss it dearly, especially now that I'm a senior, all old and grown and "responsible." Sigh. And you can't say they didn't warn you, all those times you said "I wish I was older" and they told you to enjoy your time as a youngin'. And I should've totally listened. Not that this time totally sucks, though, either. I like being privileged to do more now, but I liked the days of innocence and sheer sillyness.

On another note, completely unrelated at the present moment, I so want to start doing YouTube stuff! I want to make videos and stuff, and my sister will be my editor, but I have absolutely no idea what I want to do in terms of these videos. I know I am definitely interested in doing gaming commentary, just like Toby Turner and his TobyGames channel. And I like the idea of doing vlogs. But I have no idea what I should do as a main channel entertainment doodle. What would my thing be? Toby's is the cute/win/fail and LITERAL things and stuff of that nature, and then Swifty has AskSwifty and ShayCarl does the Shaytards and a bunch of channels, and SXEPhil has the whole news overview thingy. What do I do? What do people want? Skits? Video commentary? Q&A? What do you people WANT?! GODDANGIT!! Haha, but seriously. That's my main dilemma. If I can come up with a video thing, I will start making them. Trust me, piggy. Yes, yes, perfect. Ugh. I just want to figure it out. How make video channel interesting? But yeah, that's what I've been thinking about for the past few days or something. Yeah. Tweet me ideas if you read this and you're like "Oh, hey, you! Girl, there! Do this.." and then you tell me what I should do. Suggestions appreciated. Yes. FYI my Twitter, if you aren't reading this BECAUSE you follow me, is rhiannaXbam. And my current YouTube username is also rhiannaXbam, but there's not a whole lot of good stuff on those channels, just old stuff, but go look if it interests you.

Okay, audience, that about wraps up my talk with you today because quite frankly, I'm tired of you. Just kidding, I just don't know what else I'm supposed to talk about. I covered everything I really wanted to say, I think. ARD! Well, I shall leave you to the rest of your day. Peace off. Oh wait, hah, that's not my closer. Silly. I shall write another time. Until then... look up Toby Turner. He's amazing. Yeah. And watch all the Minecaft videos of him, they're my favorites. Oh and I'm totally jealous of you Toby, if you're reading this, because you 1.) went to BlizzCon and 2.) have Arkham City and I don't... yet. Okay, okay, I'm going.

P.S. - In case you didn't notice, there was a lot of Toby quoting in those last two paragraphs. Yeah. Check it,
14th-Oct-2011 06:54 pm - Horror Reviewin' All Over the Place
Hello, hello! And welcome to October's finest Friday nights on LiveJournal. Today in our post we'll be reviewing multiple selections of media that our team, consisting of the lone writer, Miss Rhianna (aka rhiannaxbam), has watched and regurgitated with her opinions of the content. Get ready; this one's going to be filled to the brim.

Yes, thank you for sitting through that introduction. As aforementioned, welcome back to the October series of entries. As those of you reading, if there are any, already know, I am an avid participant in the celebration of horror and scarefest movies/media throughout the month that hosts the grand Pagan holiday, Hallow's Eve (or to you non-Pagan, I-didn't-know-it-was-Pagan, or otherwise confused people, Halloween). Since my last entry I have seen a total of six forms of horror media; five of which are movies, and the other being a Stephen King mini-series. Today I'm going to review all of them.

To get the ball rolling, let's begin with the mini-series. I should have included this one in my previous entry, but it had slipped my mind at the time, as it pertains to the theme of pandemics (not quite zombie material, but a disease related piece). Anyways, the mini-series I'm talking about, of course, is Stephen King's The Stand (1994). Stephen King is widely known for his massive contributions to the genre of horror as a prolific writer, producing stories such as The Shining, Salem's Lot, Rose Red, and many others. Many of these are set in small-town America, as is The Stand (for the most part). In this story, a virus escapes confinement in a research facility and spreads across the country all because some dumbass at the security gate couldn't just listen to instructions and close the gate, sealing his and his family's doom with the rest of the community. We are then introduced to the set of main characters who are all linked by this prophetic dream of a woman named Mother Abigail. Shortly, the characters form teams of two, and then eventually a single community, of virus-survivors. If I were to give it a tagline, as my screenplay writing teacher would suggest, it would read: "A community of virus survivors band together to fulfill a prophecy and stop the apocalypse." I enjoyed the development of the unexpected story very much, as well as the actors and their portayals of each character. Of all the little groups, I think my favorite was Nick Andros (Rob Lowe) and Tom Cullen (Bill Fagerbakke) because they had such a potent friendship. They were an interesting pair with Lowe as a deaf, "dumb"(as in mute) young man and Fagerbakke as a dumb (as in... not the brightest bulb in the box), loveable oaf. The cameos by Mr. King were [probably unintentionally] quite comical, in my opinion, as well. Out of all the lines, though, I think my favorite was "Don't mess with my disco, Nadine" delivered with all the disdain possible by Harold (Corin Nemec). All in all, I was thoroughly impressed by this piece. M-O-O-N that spells thumbs up! (Other actors headlining, though not mentioned by me, include: Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Ray Walston, Adam Storke, Jamey Sheridan).

Onto the movies!

I'm going to do this chronologically by order in which I saw them, so let's begin with From Dusk Til Dawn (1996). This movie is less horror and more action, but simply because it had vampires, I think I might as well include it. The very first scene is completely action-packed with a shoot-out in a general store near the border to Mexico, where we are introduced to the two main characters Seth (George Clooney) and Richard Gecko (Quentin Tarantino), two brothers engaged in crime together. They use a family and their RV to cross the border into Mexico and complete a "job" with a Mexican gangster in a local strip-bar. While waiting for the gangster to arrive, the crew engages in drinking and the observation of exotic dancing. Salma Hayek makes an appearance as a stripper with a snake wrapped around her body, and seduces Richard Gecko. As the night progresses, we find that this is no ordinary bar, but one infested with vampires. The crew gets involved with a mass slaughter of the creatures of the night, enduring multiple losses and lots of action. I'd say that this movie was fun and entertaining, though kind of obscure. It definitely wasn't the vampire movie I thought it was going to be, but then again, I wasn't quite sure what I thought it was going to be to begin with. I liked the special effects and makeup that were used in the film, as well. If you're looking for a creepy vampire movie, look on, but this one is pretty decent if you're looking for a laugh and a good time. I mean, come on, this is a movie where Cheech plays, like, three or four different guys... that's just a win right there. (Other featured stars include: Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Tom Savini, Danny Trejo, and Fred Williamson).

Next up, Saw: The Final Chapter. Okay, first of all, I am not a Saw fanatic. I merely watch these because I find it hilarious. I'm not sick or demented, I just find the reactions of the people to their situations to be hysterical to watch, especially with the ability to volley commentary between myself and my friend, Ariana. In this case, I was curious to see the last part of the Saw saga and, though I was alone, I wanted to have a good morbid laugh at the sheer stupidity of the underdeveloped "characters" (if you could call them that.. I mean, they're pretty much just props to illustrate bloody traps). I was laughing the first five minutes of the movie due to the absurd nature of the opening scene. The jigsaw "serial killer" creates a trap in which there are two guys and a girl, each with a saw buzzing towards them. The two guys are on either side of a table and the girl is suspended between them. The instructions were to push the saw to one side, thereby killing one of the guys, and saving the other guy and the girl; if neither saw is pushed forward, the girl would be killed. The girl takes a desperate attempt to save herself by calling out at one of the guys and telling him that she always loved him, etc. So, of course, the other guy pushes the saw forward to cut the "loved" guy. Then they tell her off and say "Fuck you, <insert name here>", therefore allowing her to die by saw. I was just laughing partially in disbelief and partially out of the stupidity of the guys and the girl. So then the actual "story" begins when one guy, posed as a victim of the jigsaw killer, is stuck in a jigsaw maze of traps. The best part was when Westley (by that I mean Cary Elwes, Westley being his character from The Princess Bride) appeared at the end. So yeah, watch the first five minutes and then flip to the end. It's better that way.

And now let's move on to the good stuff. Last Wednesday night I watched Drag Me To Hell (2009), a Sam Raimi film featuring Justin Long and Alison Lohman. In this movie, Lohman plays the part of Christine, a young woman in her twenties who is in a relationship with Clay (Justin Long). In order to get ahead on the promotion at the bank, Christine refuses to give an old gypsy woman more time on the payment of her house. The gypsy woman begs and begs, but Christine calls security and gets rid of her. On her way out at the end of the day, Christine is then attacked by the old woman and is given a curse in which a demon will come drag her to the fiery depths of hell within three days time unless she gives the accursed object to another person, but then he or she becomes the new victim. In my opinion, this flick was creepy at times, but the more prominent piece was Raimi's ability to write really disgusting images such as the way the old gypsy attempts to gnaw on Christine's face without teeth and the eyeball in Christine's cake. The eerie sounds and shadowplay were well executed as well (Bravo, Raimi). The only complaints I had with this movie were that the dialogue between the couple, Christine and Clay, was a little out of place at times, and their relationship moved too fast for the progression of the movie, and the Lamia (sp?) wasn't as frightening as it could have been.

Now, due to the fact that I liked Trick 'r Treat more than Hellraiser and I want to end my reviews on a good note, I'm going to review Hellraiser first, even though I watched it last. Okay? Alright, so Hellraiser (1987) is the well-known Clive Barker film featuring the iconic Pinhead. Basically this woman (Clare Higgins) marries this guy (Andrew Robinson) and slept with his brother, Frank (Sean Chapman), before the wedding (post-engagement, pre-wedding.. that time period). So Frank opens this box and then the box causes him to be ripped to shreds. The hoe woman and her husband then move into Frank's house. While moving a piece of furniture, the husband's hand gets torn open by a rusty nail. His blood drips onto the floor and seeps down between the floorboards. This enables Frank's body to reassemble. When the hoe, Julia, goes upstairs to check out the rooms, she runs into Frank in his half-flesh state and he convinces her to go out and find victims to get him more blood and tissue to reassemble even further. So the stupid woman actually goes out and seduces men to come back to the house while her husband is at work, and kills them with a hammer. Once the body is mostly dead, Frank swoops in and absorbs the tissues into his own body. Eventually, the husband becomes concerned about the sanity of his new wife and asks his daughter (Ashley Laurence) to check in on her. Being a compliant daughter who wants to improve her relationship with her father, she stops by the house while Julia is bringing a victim in. So then the daughter ends up finding out about Frank and grabs the box despite his attempts to warn her not to touch it. The daughter then gets sucked into the madness of this box thing, and is greeted by what I referred to as "the Council of Pain" including a tubby dude with glasses, what seemed like a chick with her voice box area open, Pinhead, a maggot-y thing guy, and the guy with bloody chattering teeth of terror. I thought the makeup was very well done for being done in '87, but there was one outfit where the daughter's new boyfriend looks like a yuppie (sp.?) puked all over him (near the end). The plot was one of the biggest issues to me because I don't understand why this hoebag woman was helping a half-flesh guy who she cheated on her current husband with, especially when he was his brother. I also don't understand why she is able to seduce all these victims because, quite frankly, that woman is not very attractive at all. It doesn't make sense to me. Also, I don't think it makes sense to have the hobo guy catch fire and then turn into a skeletal dragon and carry off the box of the Council of Pain. I did not even get that part at all. I apologize to the fans of this movie, but I didn't really like it a whole lot.

And now for our grand finale of the many reviews, Trick 'R Treat (2007). I would like to preface this by saying that my interest in this movie was mainly driven by the fact that both Dolores Herbig and Reggie from Dead Like Me were listed in the cast and I love to watch movies where my favorite TV show stars play a role. Anyways, this movie was apparently written and directed by the guy who did X-Men, Michael Dougherty. He shows us the plot-lines of four different, but related, stories that take place on Halloween. There are werewolves and haunting stories and sluts and candies and guts and all sorts of creepy, oogie boogie delights. My dad and I were both most shocked by the twist on Anna Paquin's story and agreed that it was one of the best of the four. My other favorite was Brian Cox's because I liked his character and his scenes were very intense and scary. I also found the one child-like critter to be absolutely terrifying. You'll know when and if you watch/have watched this. The makeup and costumes were all accurate and displayed horrifically (in a complimentary sense, you know). I thought everything was well-developed except the open-endedness of the principal's story and his connection to Anna Paquin's in this timeline of events. Other than that, I would say this movie is a complete thumbs-up experience.

And that concludes our reviews of the horror media I have watched within the past two weeks! Tonight's movie is Ginger Snaps, which has a good percentage rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and, at some point this weekend, I would like to watch Stake Land and Near Dark. It's werewolves and vampires this weekend, in case that was unclear. Anyways, I'll keep updating my reviews as the horror fest continues. Keep watching and keep reading! :)

Hey Wednesday Journal

So yeah, it's the first week of October and we're easing on into fall. I love the weather these days; it's cool and smells crisp like incense and beautifulness. Perfect. I absolutely adore this season for that very reason. Can't wait for it to get to be jacket weather! :)

The first thing I think I should address, whether you are aware of it or not, is the matter of the male-friend I had mentioned in my previous post. As of late -- in this case, "late" meaning last weekend on Sunday -- I have severed the relations and we are now "friends." I doubt we're actually friends now, mostly because I don't really want to stay friends with someone.. like.. him.. I mean, I'm not trying to be super rudely mean or anything, he's just superiorly clingy and was totally smothering me to the point where he was accusing me of not making time for him in my PACKED schedule. And he would always say "I bet you're flirting with a bunch of guys" or "I bet they're all trying to get up on you" leading me to get annoyed with his major trust issues. And then we had a fight and I was falling asleep after since, you know, it was like 12am and that means I want to sleep. You know what he tells me? He says "Don't sleep I want to talk to you" which, sure, I can understand wanting to talk to me, but then I fall asleep and I wake up to see texts that really pissed me the fuck off. "I bet you fell asleep. Wow, thanks. You don't even want to talk to me, you'd rather sleep." Hell fucking yeah I want to sleep rather than talk to you, I just got yelled at and accused of not giving you enough of my already CONSUMED time! Good lord! And he had the nerve to ask me to stop playing WoW (World of Warcraft for all of you non-geeks/people who just don't know) because he was so fucking insecure. Yeah! That's why I decided to get rid of that mess. I have enough shit to deal with for the time being and forgive me for wanting my own time to talk to my guy friends, which there are a lot of them, and play World of Warcraft. Ugh. But yeah, when I did tell him that I no longer wished to be considered his "female-friend" I tried to be as mature as possible and take all the responsibilty for it. What does he say? "Yeah, this isn't my fault." Really? Is it now? Because I thought I JUST finished saying that I would take FULL responsibilty for it. And, oh that's right, who was superiorly insecure? Who asked me to stop playing a VIDEO GAME? Who asked me to give all of my fucking time away and leave NONE FOR ME OR MY LIFE? I guess it was me, because apparently -- APPARENTLY -- this isn't YOUR fault. Right. Whatever. He's gone the fuck now. And by the way, if you are no longer in high school -- nay, no longer in elementary school -- you do NOT ever say "could of" or "would of" or "should (fucking) OF" !!!! It is could not = couldn't, as in I could not spell. I COULDN'T! What the fuck is could of?! I could, OF COURSE. No I could OF. It doesn't exist. Could of = No, return to elementary school, bye. I can't stand that. Nor the fact that I was "female-friend" to a person who said it. Like I said, that is now over.

On a different note, I think I'm improving my French. Madame seems to be happier with my speaking in class more. I mean, granted, she has been calling me out more, but I talk more than I did before -- as in I make more sentences when I speak. And my writing has less ink on it when it is returned... yet, there is still significant amounts, so I must continue to make improvements. But, my point was: so far, so good. On my interim I had the grades I needed to free myself from my eternal grounding (due to the sneaking out incident with Alyssa at the end of the summer); however, my parents apparently don't think it counts towards my freeing myself as I am still grounded. So I guess I have to keep trying until the report cards come out.

Oh man! I totally forgot to mention my sickness. I was sick from Tuesday until Saturday with the flu. I got my senior portrait done while sniffling Tuesday afternoon, but when I got home, I collapsed in my room and awoke around 7 with a fever of 100.0 even. This therefore caused me to miss my senior barbeque after school the following day, which was a total bummer. I was pissed and depressed to say the least. Alyssa wrote my name on the rock, though, so I was there in spirit. Seeing the Facebook pictures pop up on my news feed kind of sucked, but whatever. Anyways, I recovered finally this past weekend and I think that now, a week later, I am fully healed.

While sick, I kicked off the start of October: Horror Movie-a-thon Month with my dad. We watched the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead (director, Zach Snyder) and I have to say, I thought it was pretty freakin' awesome. If you haven't seen the original or the remake, I would suggest the remake if you're a fan of gorey zombie-slaying fests because that seemed to be the premise it was built on. You get a good taste of thrill, not so much the shrieks of terror, but more of an "oh shit, do something!" sort of feeling. In both my dad's and my own opinions, this movie was very much a Left 4 Dead-like movie, almost to the point where an experienced player could say "I think I've played this level" to the screen, as I actually did. They've got shotguns, pistols, chainsaws, and other familiar zombie-slaying tools each of these movies seems to be equipped with. And, of course, the idea behind killing them is to aim for the heads. I was very impressed and I encourage you guys to check it out if you haven't already. Thumbs up!

Tonight the movie is "Drag Me to Hell" (Sam Raimi), I believe. Has a 92% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes evidently, so I'm hoping it's a good one. I'll fill you in, since it is October Horror Fest.

I would also like to say that I am currently sucked into Doctor Who, following the newest (and youngest) Doctor, Matt Smith. I find him to be quite dashing and very entertaining as the Doctor. Writer Steven Moffat never ceases to amuse me either with his interesting plot-lines and witty dialogue, though one of my favorite episodes (so far, anyways) was not written by him. If you were wondering, my favorite episode so far, as I've only seen Season 5 so far, is the Van Gogh episode. There was so much emotion in the writing and the actors all delivered it well. I was very, very impressed.. to the point of tears. Will be continuing to watch that as well.

Alright, well, seeing as I've got nothing else on my mind to talk about, I suppose this is where I shall leave you. If you do happen to read this, I thank you for doing so and ask that you return once more next time I post. And could you bring some friends? Like that guy, you know, the one on your left. Or that young lady over there. Look, see, she wants to know. She's like "Where is there something quirky to ready on the internets?" Show her the way. Haha, oh you. Anyways, I'll see you off then, until we regroup tomorrow or some time in the future.

See you round (WoW reference.. did you get it?)

Rhianna :)
19th-Sep-2011 05:53 pm - Enter Rhianna, Senior Year
So journal,

It's been about a year.. more or less. This time last year I think I was bitching about some guy who left me for his "one true love" or whatever. Yeah.. Do you even want to know about how that is now? I don't think so. Well.. maybe you do.. Okay, to sum up, they broke up. For the second of third time about a week ago. But whatevs. I don't really care because I have another male to attend to now.

Yes, you heard me, I have a new one. Ah yes, I can hear your sighs and even see your eyes rolling back in your head. You guys don't even bother hiding it anymore. It's coo' mayne. Hah, yeah. Anyways this one is one of the sweetest males I have pursued. He's fun, funny, nice, kind, caring, and says adorable things to me 24/7. We talk non-stop. He's a really awesome guy. And he makes me happy, which is a great thing. I hope I don't ruin this one.. and I also hope that this one doesn't hurt me.. but I hardly think that's an issue because he says he doesn't ever want to hurt me. We shall see.. only time will tell, yes?

In other news, I am in 2 AP classes this year: Psychology and French VI. French VI is exactly the nightmare I was hoping to avoid this year. Forced participation, tiny personal class, and harsh grading. It's crazy, and I don't think in a good way. For the first two weeks I was seriously contemplating dropping the course, but then I realized that maybe it was just a temporary issue, like the first quarter ease back into the program. Now, I'm not so sure, but I also don't really have a choice anymore, so I guess you could say I'm SOL. As for AP Psychology, I totally love the course and my teacher is my twin. I swear she is. Well, somewhat my twin.. Kind of like me last year.. I'm kind of updated this year. Like Rhianna 2000 or something, haha. Anyways, I like the course a lot, just not the first two chapters. I got a 67 on the first test. Yeah.. horrendous. The good thing is I'll probably be better at the non-boring units. See, these first two were about the brief history and then data correlations and experimentation. Other units = much more exciting. I already know it.

But what's my favorite class? It's a tie between two: English and Screenplay Writing. I love love love love love my English class. My teacher is soooooooo cool. I love her. And I totally love Brit Lit. So good. So very very good. I love my Screenplay Writing class, too, though. That's because my teacher for that class, Mr. Englar, is awesome too. He's fun and all our classes have been sharing and just learning the ropes and stuff. It's pretty interesting for a high school course. I had no idea he was so into film, since last year he was my philosophy teacher. Yeah.. But those are my two favorite-est classes of my day, every single day. I always look forward to them.

Alright, before I leave this entry, I would also like to remind you that the season for horror is coming upon us. We're gonna be watching some fun stuff this year. October will be awesome >:D And I'm hoping to revisit the Exorcist staircase. Possibly with people who'd be willing to watch it and/or visit some cool places around D.C. too. Not quite sure yet, but that's the thought. I also want to get into Halloween this year, but then I'm not certain on how to do so. Scary stories? Decor of the underworld? Anything? Eh, something else to think about. Also, November is going to be my 17th birthday :O Woah, right? And it should be the last birthday I have here in my parental housing units. GASP. Crazy to think about right? Yeah, I know. Haha. Whatevs.

Okay, I guess I covered everything I could think of today... so yeah... I hope to be writing more soon. I need an area to release my thoughts. Otherwise, I end up going crazy and feeling regretful and that never ends well. This helped me today with that. I was having weird doubtful feelings. Yeah! Mayne, I know, I be trippin'. Hah, wow I'm white. Derp. ARD. I guess this is goodbye for now. "Now it's time for so-long. But we'll sing just.. one more song. Thanks for doing your part! You sure are smart! And we can do anything.. that we wanna do!"
Name that tune :P
13th-Oct-2010 07:17 pm - Pep Rallies and Horror Movies
 I'm back from a 5 day break between posts. Sorry, I was distracted and there wasn't too much to write about/I got lazy.

Friday last week was our pep rally and it was lame. The dance team's choreography didn't seem to fit with the music they chose. Once or twice it looked right, but through a lot of it I felt like the beats didn't match up or the lyrics and movements didn't mesh. And the cheerleaders were.. well, to be honest, no different from any others. I felt like it was a rerun of last year's pep rally, but worse. Needless to say, I spent the entire time talking to my friend Peter, critiquing the show and making our own commentary. I don't know if you have done this, but it makes the event a LOT more entertaining. After the pep rally was over, I walked out of the stadium with my other friend, who Alyssa and I call "Unknown Name Child." He's a fairly quiet fellow and makes the most interesting observations. I like to ask him random questions and make sarcastic statements because he returns the favor with his answers. He's also quite cute, but that's not the point. The point I was making was that I was talking to him and then I decided that I like him enough to want to hang out with him more. It was like a baby epiphany. I enjoy those moments, sometimes. The times when I do not appreciate those moments are like when I was looking for my bus. So I was walking with my sister and saying, "Hey" to people I knew when I saw this kid who rides my bus. I talked to him to ask about the location of the bus and amidst the conversation I realized that he looks like my other friend who is (was?) in college. Now I did NOT appreciate this moment because I had done stuff with the college friend and there's kind of a history thing there, so seeing his face in this other kid EVERY DAY (since he doesn't just stop looking like the friend, unfortunately) is like bringing up all those feelings and history from the college guy. It's not fun stuff, if you want the short story. But, yeah, that's what happened Friday afternoon.

Friday night, I watched White Noise 2 and The Shining with my dad. These movies were reasonably good, but The Shining was more worthwhile.

I think White Noise 2 could've been better, even with Nathan Fillion in it. It seemed like Nathan's humor in White Noise 2 was very similar to his role on Firefly, Captain Malcolm Reynolds. The two characters seemed to have the same comedic elements and matter-of-fact attitudes. Although I enjoy seeing Nathan Fillion in these roles, because he does them so well, perhaps the role should have been more serious in the situations; that is, of course, if the writer or producer or director (or what have you) wanted the movie to be serious and frightening. I didn't understand the relevance of the scene where Sherry (Katee Sackhoff) is being overly flirtacious with Abe (Nathan Fillion) in the bar. it didn't really add anything to the plot other than exaggeration of their growing relationship, but even that was irrelevant. That relationship didn't add anything to the plot period, since that was the only "date" they went on and didn't affect the story. Even so, the movie was a moderately good movie and had some scare factors, like the ghost woman who pops out at Abe when he's about to get on the elevator. I jumped at that part!

In contrast, The Shining was a great horror movie which I highly recommend you to watch if you have not seen it already. Given the duration of the film (2 hours and 30 minutes approximately), the plot has enough time to be developed and for anticipation to grow. I had some conclusions that could've been drawn from the film when I watched it, but now I can't remember them. I know they were relevant and interesting ideas though, if that makes any difference. Anyways, back to the movie, I think that Jack Nicholson portrayed his role very well and is a phenomenal presence to have within the story. He brought the character to life and seemed like he understood his role very well. Every time he was on the screen, I could tell exactly what he was trying to convey. I also enjoy many of Stephen King's other works for that very reason; he rounds out his characters to make them almost bursting with life and personas of their own. It's a great skill to see carried over between both literature and films, and brings more to the story. I enjoyed multiple scenes, but my favorite as probably the one at the end where the little boy is running through the hedge maze to escape his crazy father. All in all, I enjoyed this movie very much and understand why so many have claimed it to be a horror classic.

Since then, I haven't done much. On Monday, I was home sick with something that resulted in a fever,  and therefore spent the day reading William Goldman's The Princess Bride in bed. It was a nice day, minus the illness factor. And then yesterday I watched The Exorcist 3 with my dad after school, but I won't review that today, since I already crammed in 2 movie reviews here today. And that leaves today, which was PSAT day at school. Pretty mediocre week, wouldn't you say? Haha, yeah. In any case, I must go and eat pizza because I am hungry and it has arrived. By the way, diet = not so great, but not so bad. I'm working on it! Motivation is needed. BUT I'm leaving now to eat and watch a movie with my dad so I have some more review materials for my next entry. So fare thee well!

I'm the worst dieter ever! Of all my days this week, I have done the worst today. I had 2 chunky pieces of lemon loaf cake and Captain Crunch with Crunchberries AND a fudgesicle. I haven't even eaten dinner yet! I am going to dance tonight in addition to the workout. Maybe I will run as well. I gotta burn those calories before they get comfortable on my tummy. And I shall.

Today moved pretty fast and if I hadn't looked around, I might have missed it. That was a reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in case you didn't know. But I was being serious, since I woke up late this morning. I could have made it to the bus in time if I wanted, but I am a girl and we take forever to get ready for anything. I still made it on time, though. i wore my favorite outfit. It's sexy and semi-slutty. The top is killer; black lace over a white under piece and low-cut babydoll. Then my tight skinny jeans with the holes - dark wash - and motorcycle calf-length leather boots with studs. I love it so much. And every time I wear it, I feel confident and gorgeous. Anyways, so today in physics we did equations based on Roadrunner and Coyote, which was kind of cool. It was better than the usual book equations we do, which I appreciated. I also had 3 tests/quizzes today; trigonometry, engineering, and philosophy. Yeah.. exciting day. Whatever, homecoming is this weekend and I'm not going, bt the stupid pep rally is Friday. The upside: not much time in period 7! Woo!

In addition to the usual school stuff, the girl I hate was texting one of my best friends last night. Yeah, I know. I mean, it was through the guy's (by this I mean the guy I like) phone, but still. She told me about it today and said, "You know, she was nice to me. Maybe she doesn't hate you." Come on, seriously?! She bitched me out and got super pissed at me for nothing and now you're going to suggest that she ISN'T a spawn of evil?!! She even said "Well, I mean, I can understand her for hating you when you said the whole Tris thing." Okay, step back and see this how I said and meant it. Way back in June or July, I was talking to the guy one night and he was over at that bitch's house. I was in the middle of reading my copy of NIck and Norah's infinite Playlist -- a book I enjoy reading in 1-2 nights for fun -- when I came to the conclusion that the bitch girl was like his Tris. Now, by this I meant that she was a girl who made him feel like shit and was the cause of his suffering throughout the whole first half of the book. That bitch did the exact same thing to the guy back at that time, so it was totally understandable in my opinion. However, the problem was that when he received this text expressing my theory, he was at the girl's house and she then saw the text and has hated me ever since. THEY WEREN'T EVEN TOGETHER! SHE KNEW SHE WAS THE CAUSE OF HIS MAJOR DEPRESSION AND KNEW SHE WAS TORMENTING HIM WITH HER BEHAVIOR! Nobody ever sees this from my side. I had my reasons, as stated earlier, and it's not totally wrong. She may not want to accept the fact that she was the cause of his suffering, but it's the truth and sometimes it needs to be said. In any case, this whole situation doesn't need to be rehashed like this over and over again. I want the guy, but the shipment has been delayed until further notice. I'm waiting patiently, so everybody needs to just calm the fuck down. And my gut feelings have been telling me that this relationship he has with this bitch isn't going to last much longer. I have a running bet with my 2 friends, Ariana and Elaine M. Ariana is betting November and Elaine and I have bet for December. We shall see the results after the months have come to pass.

Ah, another day spent wasting away in front of a screen. Fabulous. You know, I am getting better with my journaling consistency. Haha. 2 more days left in this week! We got this!

5th-Oct-2010 07:39 pm - Tuesday Shivers
As we progress through the fall months, the temperatures have FINALLY begun to drop around here. It's a bit chilly at 59 degrees, but I definitely enjoy the crispness of autumn as opposed to the heat waves of summer. It's the perfect weather for coffee, bonfires, hayrides, and walks around the neighborhood. The air also has that fresh scent; a mix of apples, burning wood, and incense. It's amazing!

Today is Tuesday, and is therefore my....THIRD day with this new dietary/exercise plan! So far, I think I'm doing okay. I did the whole workout on Sunday, which was pretty simple but helpful. I'm supposed to do that workout 3 days a week and then do some sort of moderate-intensity cardio for 30 minutes 5 days a week. It's not hard, and it works for me, especially with the school work which is piling up with each passing day. Anyways, I'm also trying to eat healthier. With the cookies on Sunday and the candies today, I probably could be doing better; however, I am trying and am slowly progressing towards a better diet. I still have to workout for 30 minutes today, but I will get to it. Cheer me on! I also have encouraged a best friend of mine, Ariana, to do the plans with me, so now we got a partnership. Woo! Go team! Oh, and I went to ballroom dancing club for an hour after school today. Does that count for my 30 minutes?

Anyways, I'm being a total couch potato right now and sitting on my comfy leather sofa, thinking about my newest piece of writing. I'm in the process of writing my very own TV show. Exciting, right? I've planned out the first episode (pilot) and have finished the script for the first scene so far. I'm pretty proud of myself. I've tried this plot like 3 other times, and I only get past like the first 2 pages and I get bored. This is because I wrote it in novel format, and background takes at least a whole chapter or two at the beginning. You never get to do fun stuff until later, or at least, that's what feels natural to me. I know you're supposed to have a hook for the reader in the first chapter, but I just feel like most authors ignore that and fill in history first. This TV show, though, is like the second generation of Friends, one might say, but it isn't a sitcom. I think of it as more Friends meets Sex and the City meets Dead Like Me; narrated, quirky, and funny all at the same time. It's based in New York City/Manhattan and focuses on 3 girls from Baltimore who are in their 20s. I let my sister read what I've written so far and she said it seems interesting. I'd really like to get it performed and taped after I finished, so I can revise and make it better. I must say, this is a much better way of telling the story since I enjoy using dialogue in my writing a lot. In any case, I will keep you posted on the progress of it and ask if I need any help with ideas.

Sigh.. Tis 7:30pm already! Agh, I hate how fast the day goes. One minute you're in the shower waking up, and the next you're collapsed on your bed in a heap, slumped over 4 textbooks while you finish your homework. Not that I do this every day... just kidding, only every other day. I just wish I had more time some days. Ah well, what can you do? I guess I should start up a movie or TV show and do homework or something to that effect. I'll keep you posted, and PLEASE comment on my posts! I want some feedback to know I have an audience of some sort. Alright?

Let's just get through this week. :)
If you have ever seen this amazing TV show, you'll understand how incredibly horrifying and terrible the movie is.

On the show, Dead LIke Me, there were 5 reapers complete with personalities and backgrounds and stories of their own. There was: Roxy (Jasmine Guy), the aggressive, tough girl with a lot of attitude; Mason (Callum Blue), the drunk Brit with a knack for troublemaking; Daisy Adair (Laura Harris), the classy starlet; Rube (Mandy Patinkin), the mysterious father figure; and Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth), the jaded corporate working teenager. All of them had chemistry on set and seemed like a family, as it should be. Now in the movie, Dead Like Me: Life After Death, the original cast is all wrong. Daisy isn't played by Laura Harris, and the actress who portrays her in the movie makes the character campy and completely self-absorbed, to the point of which she seems to be almost making fun of Daisy's persona. And Rube isn't even a part of the movie! He "got his lights" as soon as the movie starts, and it isn't even shown.

In addition to that madness, this movie breaks all the original rules introduced in the show. If you remember, reapers are told not to interfere with the living or their previous life, or to reveal their reaper-ness to the living, or to prevent the people on the post-its from dying/interfering with the acts of gravelings, or to kill a person without his/her name on a post-it. Each of these rules were enforced by Rube and valued by all reapers to help keep order; however, with the absence of Rube, the reapers get a new leader who tells them they have no consequences for their actions and are free to do as they please. This was a huge mistake, in my opinion. Everything that show worked towards was the establishment and enforcement of those rules. Roxy saves a guy from her post-it by forcing his soul back into is body, Mason reveals himself to a robber by allowing the man to shoot him several times, Daisy kills a woman to get onstage (at which she fails at acting and resorts to sleeping to get her way in show business), and Georgia interacts with her sister, Reggie. Insanity. The movie also exempts the reapers from expenses for food (at a restaurant that isn't even Der Waffle House) and enables them free living in a mansion belonging to their new leader.

This was not a continuation of the show, but a disgrace to is brilliance. I didn't appreciate it at all. Why did they make a movie in the first place? Dead Like Me was a TV show that ended well to begin with, and had they left it at that, the possibility of resurrection for the show would still be there. This is the 2nd TV show I have fallen in love with that makes a movie that was dismal in comparison. First Joss Whedon's Firefly (followed by Serenity), then Dead Like Me. People should just let the good shows end as they do and let them wait for an apt writer to bring it back from the dead on the correct channel.
2nd-Oct-2010 03:09 pm - Weight Concerns and Horror Movies
Okay, so I just had one of my best friends over last night, and I have come to some conclusions.

1. I am a lot chubbier than i thought.. I must lose weight immediately..
2. She is way too skinny... so I musn't lose too much weight...
3. Scary movies should be left to those who enjoy them -- and not my friend.

So, I'm going to develop a diet plan.. and stick to it! I know that a lot of people say that, but I wanna do it to prove I can. I need encouragement and a safe plan. One thing that IS motivating is the fact that if I lose more weight, I will look even better than that dumb girl this guy I like is with. And that will be satisfying.. immensely satisfying. Another thing that is motivating is that this year will be my junior prom, and fitting into a beautiful dress that makes me look fabulous would be amazing. I want to look good. I want to feel good. This will help.

Now, this plan..
I need one that works efficiently and doesn't make my friends worry about my dietary habits (eg. anorexia or bulimia). As I've researched, the standard rules for meal plans are...
1. 4-6 meals a day
2. everyday exercise
3. hitting all food groups
4. eliminating junk food from meals

This all means..
1. small meals
2. work your ass off trying to burn off all the calories you gain
3. cramming 5 main food groups into one day's meal count without overdoing calories
4.no more delicious desserts and/or sugary snacks/drinks

I'm not so thrilled, but it's what must be done. Sigh. But, hey, at the end it will be worth it. Right? So I'm developing said plan.. which means I need to plan out my meals everyday. GROAN!! I do not like hyper-organization sometimes.. since it's time consuming. I want to weigh 125lbs at most. Let's see how many calories I should take in per day to lose weight...... (researching, researching, researching)

WOO! Okay, so I now have a goal and a calorie intake count thanks to this wonderful site caloriecount.about.com! Apparently, my calorie intake per day should be 1,576 calories and my goal to lose 30 pounds should be by April 30, 2011. Not bad at all! I think it should be fine. My average weight loss per week should be 1 lb as well. Nice! So I also think I should find some workouts. I have some archives to catch up on in my email; they might work, yeah? Let me look...... (checking email)

Aha! 39 emails on tips for losing weight and being healthy! Great. I love my organized email system now. It's wonderful; just create folders and send each email to the folder according to the subject and there you go. Anyways, I have a bunch of emails to help me with this, so I'm good. I will be starting with the out of date workout program "6 weeks to sexy abs". Yes, I can hear the laughter in your throats. I would laugh too, but this is my plan and I'm going to make it work! I'm ready.... er, well, I will be after I make the cookie dough I promised I'd make for my mom. I'm not going to eat any cookies. I got this.

Back to my other conclusion on scary movies! As you all should know, it is now October -- and if you do not know this, I strongly suggest you look at a calendar! That means it's time for horror and scary movies all month long! Yes, the terrifying evenings are now upon us. I've started the month with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, starring Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter, and Thirteen Ghosts with Tony Shaloub and Matthew Lillard (Shaggy!!). Frankenstein is such a classic gothic horror story. I love the romantic part of it and how it twists with the horror of Dr. Frankenstein's creation. It's tragic, but inspiring. I also think that it should be made into a ballet because it just seems like it would be beautiful on stage with ballet dancers. Kind of creepy, but beautiful. I enjoyed Thirteen Ghosts because of its twist on ghost stories. Of all horror movies, ghost stories tend to be the scariest in my opinion (eg. The Grudge, The Ring) and this one fits right in. I also enjoy watching Matthew Lillard because he's quite cute, and in this movie, kind of weird but very entertaining. This movie also has a lot of plot and isn't just a slasher, where they just kill people several different ways (cough cough SAW!). I like that in a horror movie. Next up in the queue is White Noise, starring Michael Keaton. Exciting!

Let me know about any horror movies you would suggest for my list, or any further information on the weight loss plans. Leave me a comment. :)

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