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Lazy Days 
27th-Nov-2011 03:29 pm
Hello, audience.

I realized just yesterday that I was about to forget to write an entry for the week of my birthday. And staying true to how our calendar system works, it appears, I have done so anyways. However, the point is that I haven't written in a week and I believe that I owed an entry to my audience. Alas, here I am.

For the past week, I must add, I've been rather sluggish in my routines and even neglected to work out for the majority of it. Unfortunately, this has probably resulted in the accumulation of additional adipose tissue around my mid-section as well as my arms and thighs. In turn, I have resolved to restore myself to the last point at which I had worked out on a daily basis and restart my routines. I have also resolved that I must create a shopping list for my mother as she is not able to shop effectively for both my dietary habits or my sister's. I must consult my sister on that, in order to create a specialized list that fits the requirements of both our nutritional needs. Futhermore, I must look up some dietary guidelines, hopefully some that will be motivational to keep me in line, such as celebrity endorsed diets. My mother, "brilliant" A-student as she was, does not believe in diets or dieting, most likely as a result of her new-found veganist friends and lifestyle habits. Also unfortunately, she has been trying her very hardest to integrate her weird and, might I add, unpalatable vegan foods into our meals. As my sister and I have protested repeatedly, the food tastes NOTHING like the "real deal" that is meat and is unappealing to our eyes and stomachs. In any case, I have resolved that if I create a master list of food to purchase from the store, my mother may supply the necessary food that I need in order to create the meal-plans of which I may then ingest. And with that, I may be able to improve my dietary habits and help my sister to do so as well. On the work out spectrum, I would say that my interest in the Crunch workout video franchise has allowed me to, generally speaking -- not based on the previous week's activity, or, rather, lack of it -- keep a steady schedule of working out in the evenings from 7 to about 8, and sometimes longer. I do enjoy their pace and how they do the routine. As long as I keep myself in check, probably in need of a person or thing to remind me of my status and push me to do it, I should be able to continue my work. I think my dad's system he has worked out with his friend. Mr. Dugan, has proven to be quite effective as a form of negative reinforcement, thereby conditioning my father to participate in the Power 90 activity nightly in order to avoid the unpleasantries of Mr. Dugan's follow-up phone call. If I could get someone to do something similar, provide negative reinforcement to me, I might be able to more effectively stay on track. The same thing was illustrated on one of my favorite shows, Friends. Monica was the Mr. Dugan, if you will, of Chandler's extensive workout program (Season 2 - The One Where Ross Finds Out -- a personal favorite of mine, by the way).

On that note, meaning the sitcom note, I would olike to remark on the fact the Nerdvember is coming to a close! One of the more disappointing parts of this past week is the fact that because of my birthday, my friends have viciously thrown me off-course of my nerdy shows. The nights following my pre-birthday birthday dinner last weekend were spent watching Friends Seasons 5-7, as well as during the week. Fortunately, I caught myself this weekend and watched a favored Doctor Who episode (the one about Van Gogh) and The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 2-4). It was today that I finally worked through, effortlessly I might add, Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory. And what is the worst part of that statement? The fact that it ends so... -- what is the word for it? stupendously? -- well, it has a crazy, unexpected yet totally foreshadowed ending that you just HAVE to see the next season! The problem, then? SEASON 5 IS STILL BEING FILMED AND WRITTEN AND AIRED, and is, therefore, not available for viewing on DVD just yet. This is the precise reason that I hate watching shows that are still on TV; cliffhangers are my mortal enemy. As some of you are probably wondering 'Why don't you just watch it on TV as it comes out?' I would like to point out, in a very Sheldon-esque voice, I don't have cable to watch it on, so there. As it is still Nerdvember, I still plan on celebrating the final days with complete appreciation of my nerdiness. This, in turn, means that I am to restart the collection of all four seasons of Big Bang Theory and relive it until the end of the month. In other news, however, I must select a new theme for the next month. I was trying to decide between crime shows/dramas and estrogen express shows. Of course, by this I mean Dexter, Lie to Me, and House, MD when I speak of crime/drama shows, and Sex and the City, Friends, and chick flicks when I speak of "Estrogen Express" shows. As I type out these ideas, I am becoming increasingly interested in an Estrogen Express December, as it is, in fact, the month of love and friendship and all things surrounding the time to be jolly (Fa La La La La, La La La La, as it were). And a new year may be good to kick off with some drama, which we all must be saying "Doesn't it always start that way anyways." In any case, we shall return to the topic when the occassion arises, as we still have three more days to ponder it and come to a decision.

It has now occurred to me that I haven't got anything else to say to you, audience, and this shall be the conclusion. OH! But I must add that I did decide I am not going to do YouTube videos this month as I did not come up with an idea for a channel theme, or whatever you want to call it. I am, however, going to be starting the planning and creation of a new project with my sister, Quinn. She has the visual artistic capabilities, which I lack, and I have the literal talents. Together, we will fuse them to create a marvelous thing we call entertainment. More on that next entry, though. I must bid you all farewell and return to my cavern of TV and movies, as I am starting to get a craving. I also think I may do a beauty day today, meaning the time for a grooming and well-deserved hair removal has finally come.

Until next entry,


P.S. - If you didn't take this into account whilst reading, I would like to say that I wrote this in such a manner that Sheldon may have written and/or spoken it, although it was unintentional. The cause being that I have watched far too many cockamamy Big Bang Theory episodes.
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